Jet Refuelers

Since 1952, Garsite has been a world leading provider of both brand new and fully reconditioned jet aircraft refuelers. Our aircraft refuelers are known for our superb engineering, along with numerous built-in features. Garsite’s new jet aircraft refuelers are 'state-of-the-art' and are designed for reliability, ease of maintenance while meeting NFPA 407 and ATA 103 guidelines. Our refuelers also meet DOT 406 and JIG specifications when required.

GSE Refuelers

In addition to meeting NFPA 407 guidelines and DOT 406 requirements, Garsite’s GSE refuelers include isolated bottom loading systems (with auto high-level shut-off) along with required vapor recovery for the gasoline storage compartment. For airport compliance, Garsite’s GSE refuelers include the customary airport features, such as brake interlocks, vapor proof lights and wiring, modified exhaust, tank drains, and proper filtration.

GSE Refueler
GSE Refueler
GSE Refueler
Avgas Refuelers

Garsite offers a variety of sizes of avgas refuelers from 500 gallon tow able bowsers to larger truck-mounted units. In addition to receiving the highest quality avgas refuelers available, Garsite provides world-renowned technical support combined with the industry’s best warranty. All of this is backed by a company that has been engineering, manufacturing and supporting aircraft refuelers throughout the world for over 60-years!

Towable Hydrant Carts

Garsite’s towable hydrant dispensers are engineered for ease-of-operation, for exceptional reliability, and were specifically designed to minimize maintenance. To date, Garsite has manufactured more than 600 towable hydrant carts which are currently in-service around the world!

Defense Products

Partnering with Garsite connects you to our sales team, designers and craftsmen—all solely focused on delivering solutions and services that meet or exceed your expectations. Garsite’s broad defense portfolio includes Refuelers, UAV Carts, Tanker Trucks and Trailers, Vacuum Trucks, Potable Water Trucks and Trailers, Transport Trailers and Bowsers.

Defense Products
Truck Mounted Hydrant Dispensers

Garsite provides the highest quality truck-mounted hydrant dispensers available, at a competitive price, and backed by the best warranty in the industry. Garsite engineers custom design the refueling equipment to meet stringent guidelines, and units are assembled to specifications required by major oil companies around the globe.