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800 GPM Mid-Lift

Call for Pricing

Chassis GMC / Chevy / Isuzu Tilt Master, turbo/intercooled diesel 5.2 liter engine

Pumping 800 GPM System

Slop Tank

20 gallon capacity, with fill opening, liquid level gauge and drain valve.


GMC / Chevy / Isuzu Tilt Master, turbo/intercooled diesel 5.2 liter engine, automatic transmission, power steering, 14,500 lbs. GVWR. (Detail specifications available upon request.)


Length, 20', Width, 96", Height, 90" (with beacon)

Refueling System

800 GPM.

Hydrant Coupler

Coupler to mate to 4" API hydrant valve with 90 degree elbow and double swivel without pressure control. (See options for other available couplers.)


Horizontal design - 800 G.P.M. rated and equipped with a direct reading differential pres- sure gauge, pressure relief valve, air eliminator and a manual water drain. F/M meets EI/IP forth edition.

Deadman and Pressure Control

Inline deadman/ pressure control and shut-off. Provides secondary pressure control. One deadman reel assembly with 50' of hose and one deadman assembly with 7' of hose on hydraulic lift platform.

Surge Suppressors

Two (2) 7.5 gallon capacity with fill connection and panel mounted pressure gauge.


800 G.P.M. rated with large numeral reset counter and totalizer, registers in whole U.S. gallons.


Sized to compensate for pressure loss in fueling hose reel.

Hose Reels

Sized for 3" diameter hose, non- ferrous internals, explosion proof electric rewind, auxiliary manual rewind. A fully rated butterfly valve is installed immediately down stream of the reel.

Hydraulic Lift

Hydraulic mast assembly, mounted behind the cab with platform mounted controls, includes nozzle pressure gauge, emergency fuel system shut-down, hydraulic override and deadman control. Platform is equipped with an interlock to prevent vehicle movement with the platform in the raised position. Designed to fuel all wide body aircraft, including the 777 and A380.

Fueling Hose Reel

Sized for 2 1/2" diameter hose, non-ferrous internals, explosion proof electric rewind, auxiliary manual rewind. A shut-off valve is installed immediately upstream of the reel.

Fueling Hoses

One 2 1/2" x 50' and two 2 1/2" x 11' aviation fueling hoses with N/R couplings, certified to API 1529 specifications.


One 3' x 40' aviation fueling hose with N/R couplings, certified to API 1529 specifications.

Underwing Nozzle

Three international standard 3-lug underwing nozzles with quick disconnect and swivel.

Sense Reel

Spring rewind reel with rollers, 3/8' x 3/8' hose and sense plug.



Gauge Panel

Instrumentation to include air reference pressure (primary & secondary) gauges, fueling pressure gauge, differential gauge and primary and secondary air regulators.


Flow tested with fuel for performance to rated specifications.

Air System

PTO driven air compressor, air reservoir, pressure regulator, filter/lubricator, pressure gauge and air dryer with 12 volt heater.

Safety Features

Manual rewind static reel with 50' cable and clip, brake interlock system, emergency shut-down system and one fire extinguisher.


Meets all applicable NFPA 407 codes. Design complies with ATA-103 requirements.


A complete list of options is available on request, including: Hydrant coupler without pressure control to mate with 2 1/2" bayonet adapter, hydrant coupler with pressure control to mate with 4" API hydrant valve, ticket printer, gasoline engine, manual transmission.