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Garsite- Defining Quality Assurance

At Garsite, quality is truly paramount and at the heart of our product testing is our state-of-the-art test facility. Testing your products starts with our 20,000 gallon above ground tanks, with enough product to completely test your equipment, regardless of its size or pumping volume. Then, we utilize 2 – 600 GPM, 200 PSI pumps capable of simulating most hydrant systems around the world.  The complete pumping system meets all the requirements of NFPA 407 and ATA 103.

The product testing team at Garsite has the ability to test every single product built at the Garsite facility. These include, but not limited to, jet refuelers, avgas refuelers, ground service equipment refuelers, towable hydrant carts, self-propelled hydrant servicers, refueling modules, and above-ground storage tank pumping skids. If that isn’t impressive enough, the Test Stand can simulate real life aircraft refueling BEFORE the product arrives to your location. Regardless of the connection, Garsite can simulate almost any type of airport hydrant system, as well as any tank-to-truck bottom loading feature found around the globe. For Refuelers, the testing begins by completely filling the tank, and performing tasks such as setting the jet level sensors, confirming high level shut down and meeting full customer specifications. After specifications are precisely met, they perform a complete recirculation of the truck to perform a thorough leak check. The Refueler will have every feature and option fully function checked during this process. The refueler then simulates refueling an aircraft by simulating different types of aircraft, utilizing Garsite’s various ceiling mounted connections. The refueler pressure controls are adjusted and tested using refueling back pressure. The Garsite Standard is defined as performing a genuine full function check, ensuring each and every unit meets the CUSTOMER specification prior to arriving at their facility. When deciding on your next aviation ground refueling equipment purchase, choose the unmatched, unparalleled Garsite Standard!