Avgas Refueler

Available with 750-1,500 Gallon Capacity
  • Garsite Avgas Fuel Truck
  • Garsite Avgas Fuel Truck
  • Garsite Avgas Fuel Truck
  • Garsite Avgas Fuel Truck
  • Garsite Avgas Fuel Truck
  • Garsite Avgas Fuel Truck
  • Garsite Avgas Fuel Truck
  • Garsite Avgas Fuel Truck
  • Garsite Avgas Fuel Truck
  • Garsite Avgas Fuel Truck

Avgas Refueler with 750-1,500 U.S. gallon aluminum tank fully baffled, single compartment, overturn protection, 20” manhole with 10” fill, and pressure vacuum vents.

Chassis – Conventional cab-chassis gasoline engine, automatic transmission. Diesel and cab-over models are available. (Detailed specifications available upon request.)


PUMP: Positive displacement type, PTO driven.

FILTER/MONITOR: 40 GPM / 150 LPM filter/monitor with built-in differential gauge, air eliminator and pressure relief.

METER: One meter, 60 GPM rated with large numeral reset counter and totalizer, registers in “tenth” gallons.
HOSE REEL: Sized for 1½” x 50’ hose, non-ferrous internals, explosion-proof electric rewind motor and auxiliary manual rewind. A shut-off valve is installed immediately upstream of the hose reel.

HOSE: One 1” x 50’ aviation fueling hose with N/R male couplings, certified to API 1529.

NOZZLE: One avgas refueler overwing nozzle with swivel and 100 mesh strainer.

BOTTOM LOADING: Includes a jet level sensor control system for automatic high-level shut-off with precheck. Adapter and dust cap to be specified with each truck to match the loading facility. A shut-off valve shall be supplied immediately downstream of the bottom-load adapter.

PIPING: Schedule 10 aluminum piping – 150 PSI rated working pressure.

LADDER BRACKETS: On rear bumper.

TEST: Flow tested with fuel for performance to rated specifications.

FINISH: Cab painted factory white. Aluminum tank in a natural polished finish. Equipment painted silver.

SAFETY FEATURES: Static reel with 50’ cable and bonding clamp, brake interlock system, emergency shut down system and two fire extinguishers.

COMPLIANCE: Meets all applicable NFPA 407 & 385 codes. The design complies with ATA-103 requirements.

The above-listed items are for a standard Garsite Avgas Refueler. Garsite experts work with you to design every unit to fit your specific requirements. Please contact a Garsite representative for a complete list of available options and configurations.

  • Airbags
  • Air Conditioning
  • Reversing Camera
  • Roll-over Protection
Year: 2022
Make: Ford
Model: 2WD
Truck Type: Avgas Refueler
Transmission: Automatic
Condition: Brand New
Location: Kansas City, KS
Engine: Gas
Exterior Color: White
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