Towable Hydrant Dispenser

450 GPM / 1,700 LPM
  • Garsite Towable Fueling Cart
  • Garsite Towable Fueling Cart
  • Garsite Towable Fueling Cart
  • Garsite Towable Fueling Cart
  • Garsite Towable Fueling Cart
  • Garsite Towable Fueling Cart
  • Garsite Towable Fueling Cart
  • Garsite Towable Fueling Cart

CHASSIS: RUNNING GEAR: Heavy-duty four wheel trailer. Fully rated suspension (for towing up to 35 MPH). Ackerman style steering axle.

FEATURES: Fully self-contained and maintenance-free pressure control system (no external air source, electrical source, or nitrogen source required). All aluminum deck and hose reel (for low maintenance). Fully integrated solar powered system; includes battery for the interlock system.


HYDRANT COUPLER: Pressure controlling coupler to mate with 4” API hydrant valve.
FILTER / MONITOR: Filter/monitor, 450 GPM rated and equipped with a direct reading differential pressure gauge, purge valve, pressure relief valve, air eliminator and drain valves. F/M meets EI/IP 6th edition specifications.
DEADMAN CONTROL: Deadman handle with 50’ cord.
PRESSURE CONTROLS: Hose and control valve and pressure
controlling coupler.
METER: 450 GPM rated with large numeral reset counter and totalizer, registers in whole U.S. gallons.
SINGLE WRAP FUELING HOSE REEL: Aluminum single wrap style, manual rewind hose reel sized for 2 ½” x 50’ hose, non-ferrous internals. A shut-off valve is installed immediately upstream of the reel.
FUELING HOSE: One 2” x 50’ aviation fueling hose with N/R male couplings, certified to API 1529 specifications.
UNDERWING NOZZLE: One standard 3-lug underwing nozzle with HECV, 100 mesh strainer and swivel.
WRAP AROUND STYLE INLET HOSE: Includes 20’ of 2 ½” hose with non-removable male couplings, certified to API 1529 specifications.
PRODUCT RECOVERY TANK: 20 gallon capacity with fill opening and drain valve.
PIPING: Schedule 10 aluminum – 150 PSI rated working pressure.
GAUGE PANEL: The panel will include a fuel sense pressure gauge, D/P gauge with purge valve, inlet pressure gauge, pressure regulator and emergency shutdown.
SAFETY FEATURES: Manual rewind static reel with 50’ cable and clip, brake interlock system, emergency shut down system and one fire extinguisher.
COMPLIANCE: Meets all applicable NFPA 407 codes. Design complies with ATA-103 requirements.

OPTIONS:The above listed items are for a standard Garsite refueler. All units can be customized to fit your specific requirements. Please contact your Garsite representative for a complete list of available options and configurations.

ASME ‘U’ and ‘R’ Certified Facility

  • Airbags
  • Air Conditioning
  • Reversing Camera
  • Roll-over Protection
Year: 2022
Truck Type: Towable Unit
Condition: Brand New
Location: Kansas City, KS
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