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7,000 Gallon Jet Refueler

Call for Pricing

Chassis Freightliner Chassis, Diesel, Auto

Tank Polished Aluminum Tank

Pumping 300/600 GPM System

Configuration One Overwing & One Underwing Hose Reel


7,000 U.S. gallons (3% outage), aluminum tank fully baffled, single compartment, overturn protection, one 20" manhole with 10" fill opening and vent, and two 20" inspection manholes.


Conventional cab-chassis, diesel engine, automatic transmission, power steering. (Detail specifications available upon request.)


Length, 37', width, 108", height, 124".

Refueling System

600 GPM / 2400 LPM.


Centrifugal type, PTO driven, hot shift.


Horizontal F/M with differential pressure gauge, purge valve, pressure relief valve, air eliminator and drain valve. F/M meets IP specifications.

Deadman and Pressure Control

Inline deadman/ pressure control and shut-off valve, provides primary pressure control. Secondary pressure control regulated by 45 PSI hose and control valve.


One meter, with large numeral reset counter and totalizer, registers in whole U.S. gallons.

Hose Reels

Two reels; one sized for 2 1/2" x 50' hose, and one sized for 1 1/2" hose, non-ferrous internals, explosion proof electric rewind motors and switches, auxiliary manual rewind. A shut off valve is installed immediately upstream of the reel.


One 2" x 50' and one 1 1/4" x 50' aviation fueling hoses with N/R male couplings, certified to API 1529.

Overwing Nozzle

Jet overwing nozzle with swivel and 100 mesh strainer.

Underwing Nozzle

One international standard 3-lug underwing nozzle with quick disconnect and swivel.

Bottom Loading

Includes a jet level sensor control system for automatic, high-level shut-off with precheck. The bottom loading adapter is capable of accepting a standard underwing nozzle. A shut-off valve shall be supplied immediately down stream of bottom load adapter.


Air operated fuel/defuel system operates in conjunction with bottom loading system to include overfill protection.


Aluminum - 150 PSI rated working pressure.

Ladder Brackets

On rear bumper.


Flow tested with fuel for performance to rated specifications.


Cab painted factory white. Aluminum tank in natural polished finish. Equipment painted silver.

Safety Features

Static reel with 50' cable and bonding clamp, brake interlock system, emergency shut-down system and two fire extinguishers.


Meets all applicable NFPA 407 & 385 codes. Design complies with ATA-103 requirements. JIG compliance can be met for exporting units upon request.


A complete list of options is available on request, including electronic flow meters with data collection, additional hose reels and meters, additive injection, and other items.